Wednesday 19 August 2020

Days of this pandemic

Lifestyle diseases or non communicable diseases were the most commonly discussed topics before January 2020. Now there is no topic other than COVID-19. Lockdowns and restriction everywhere no rushing to catch up with office- time, no fights and no pollution. now there is wave of unlocking and things are resuming to their regular life. Work from home, online meets and digital transactions is a new life style. Mobiles and computers are media for connectivity. Less of physical movements. More of digital work. More work for eyes, more work for ears. No physical activity eating, talking on phone, watching web series, listening to old archives is new life for more than 6 months. 

People talk to each other, time for friends to chat and to form virtual group. Share time with spouse and children. Sharing experiences, taking webinars, attending webinars there by adding to your knowledge and information are also part of this new life. Since it is not predictable to ease out the situation this pattern seems to be a part of new life. 

People eat more of food prepared at home, no servants no maids so people work. All this reduced indigestion, acidity and regurgitation. Less medication less side effects. All reduced the work of doctors. But at COViD centres doctors are overworked. Less of traffic low traffic accidents less casualties. There is a fear of getting infected by Corona virus, isolation and spending for our carelessness. 

No clashes no arguments no littering and no fights. Life superficially calm yet unrestful. No saloons no spa, no gym and no undue matters in court of law.

less work to doctors less work to police stations, more work to COVID task force. Apparently healthy in the house and greatly worrisome when you visit to stores

No new mantra from this blog, no solution in this post.

Thursday 10 October 2019

Combinations of foods - 2

Ayurveda guides in to food and nutrition quite well. In fact prevention of the disease is the first goal of the Ayurvedic science. Ayurveda very clearly mentiones food as one of the three pillars of health. Ayurvedic classic texts explain deeply about the food and dietetics. Though this science does not talk about calories and nutrients; it clearly explains on various grains, dairy products, fruits, etc., very clearly. Combinations of foods is is one of the important sections.
In modern science we are able to know about calories and amount of nutrients to be taken. Ayurveda also emphasizes upon the measured food for every one. In fact, measured food and exercises are mentioned as the most healthy lifestyle.
In last post we knew about the combination of fruits and milk. Milk is nutritious but wrong combination can destroy its great virtues. Another common combinations with milk is with chapati and khichadi.
In many families milk or tea and chapaties is a common breakfast. Chapati with tea or chapati and milk are favorite combinations in many families. Old people prefer this combination as they can not chew properly. These combinations are heavy to digest and can cause indigestion and acidity in a long run. Chapatis must be taken with sabji or daal. Or it can be taken with jagery ghee also. Occasionally taken with Basundi, rabadi, khir, etc does not harm. But when it becomes a regulare item in the food it causes problem in digestion.

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Combination of food ingredients-1

Combinations are important in the food. Ayurveda emphasizes on right combination of ingredients for better health. We will explore this topic serially. In last post I quoted about milk and banana combination. There  are many instances, we come across this combination and we have to stop it from their meals. Two more examples I would like to post here in this connection. 

One patient of age 45, with large black spot on the back almost of six inches diameter was seen when he presented. It was not a sudden event but it grew over period of time. When he was examined, went through history and the diet he followed. And banana and milk combination was in practice for last 20 years was asked to stop. He did not listen to me. He continued his favorite breakfast. After some months It started itching. Then he showed to very senior legendary Ayurvedic doctor who asked to stop the combination immediately. This time he listened to him and stopped. He was given some other medicines also and after few weeks it disappeared permanently. 

Another patient had similar history but he had eruptions on the scalp. The remaining story was the same. 

The the question arises, can't we eat this combination at all? The answer is on rare occasion it may not harm but not even once in month one should take it. Same is with fruit-salad made in milk or curds. This combination is also to be eaten rarely. One more suggestion for the Fruit-salad prepared in milk or curds is; it must be finished completely and should not kept in fridge or out side for next meals. Fruit salad can be made in sugar syrup or just mix fruits like a fruit dish.

This is about the combinations of food. We will see other examples in practice in future posts. It is not that banana that is bad or milk but, the combination upsets balance resulting in different conditions. 

Listen to the wisdom of Ayurveda!!

Thursday 29 November 2018

Wrong habits in long run can manifest as a disorder!

Practice of the principles changes according to time. Time is constantly rolling and the lifestyle also. We have been emphasizing on lifestyle modification ever since this blog is started. We  are regularly commenting on lifestyle modification for the disorders in our mind-body system. there was a long gap since the last post but we resume again.

Under utilization, over utilization and improper utilization of senses and mind have hazardous our health. So we have to be meditative about our own habits. We hardly look into our habits as they are part and parcel of our routine. Let me tell you about such habit:

One of our patients 52 years old man came to our clinic for acidity and giddiness. After careful examination medication started. In subsequent visits it was noticed that the acidity, that is burning in chest, was relieved but, occasional sudden giddiness was still there. Despite right medication it was not going completely. I asked some questions again and I could spot one of the habits he had was, milk and banana combination with chapati in breakfast. He was taking it for more than forty years. So I asked to stop that immediately and new medications were given asked him see me after a fortnight. He did not come. I also forgot him. Once he came after six months with another friend as a new patient. I asked him about the giddiness. He said, " It was cured almost within a week after he stopped milk-banana combination". Ayurveda warns about certain combinations. Fruit and milk combination is one of them. Small but wrong habits in long run do manifest!

Avoid Fruits and milk combination. Do not have it regularly and never for years together!!

Thursday 30 March 2017

Yoga and Ayurveda

Medicines are the means to put derailed system, back on the track. After gaining the power the body should function on its own, Homeostatic activity is a built-in program in the system. Medicines do not allow this activation of the mechanism. Ayurveda and yoga work on this principles. So they help immunity to come back to action. But generally we are happy with the suppression of the disease and do not allow the pathology to reverse. Ayurveda and yoga practitioners keep on telling this for years. We are happy with the medicines which give quick relief which is seldom complete. For years we keep on taking palliative medicines but we never think of bringing pathology back to normalcy.

Once the body undergoes process of imbalance it shows the effect in form of symptoms which are understood by the individual. It is not a happy situation. It may not be life and death situation, still there is a fear and we make every thing to hush-up the situation. Then things may not be the same as before and may not be simple also. Practicing yoga regularly and taking advise from Ayurveda for dietary control, things are brought well under control. But we generally look for the easy solution and unwinding of the disease process is never opted as a first thing.
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In last post we had a look over the fundamental reasons for the illness. It starts with improper use of senses. Let us take example of eyes.

What we can perceive with the help of eyes is limited. We can enhance its capacity with the help of microscope and telescope like equipment. Yet it has limitations. Tolerance of brightness and trying to work in dark both have ill-effect on eyes. If we use more of computers, mobiles we forget blinking of eyes which is essential and there are many other means which can damage eyes. So over use, under use and improper use can be damaging to eyes as well as it affects our lifestyle also. Similarly we can think about all other senses and organs like hands, legs, speech, genitalia and anus. Mind is organ which does not have physical presence but no organ can functions without it!
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Monday 27 March 2017

Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral pattern is the key to understand the living being. We humans learn patterns to know the various species. 
These patterns are of two types. One is built in which are developed as growth pattern. They are formed during development even they are available as inherited legacy. Another pattern is developed with conscious effort. These patterns reflect in likes and dislikes also. Due to these likes and dislikes we have certain effects on our body-mind complex. These effects may be for living healthy life or they can to illness. 

Behavioral medicine is about bringing about changes in life and lifestyle. These changes are for living better life and healthy life. In this thinking behavioral changes are used as a medicine. 

 Ayurveda Gives three basic reasons for illness:

1. Inappropriate use of senses.

2. Cognitive failure to make choices and implement in life. That is Pradnaparadh: 

In Ayurveda Prajnaparadh is a cause for illness explained as one of the important causes for illness. This means, person knows that smoking is bad. In fact he or she knows it correctly how bad it is but still they adapt such habit and they do not leave it either. This leads to sedentary life and many hazards over period of time.

3. Time factor :Age related factors or duration of unhealthy pattern leads to illness.

Behavioral medicine is the branch of medicine more popular in U.S. which incorporates psychiatry, nursing, medicines and other disciplines to help person to change the habit pattern and thereby help to come out of illness.


Wednesday 15 March 2017

Lifestyle modification has been like a keyword in modern medical practice. Many conditions are solved with the help of different disciplines of medicines. Alternative medicines are also a part of a treating some conditions. Many conditions like diabetes, obesity, certain types of cancers are known to be the effects of inflammatory process going on in the body for very long time. Medicines prove to be of limited use. Without changing any medical line of treatment we can adapt lifestyle modification to control the condition. There may a situation when we may able to reduce medication and eventually stop them with help of a consultation with your doctor.

These lifestyle modifications are brought up in many ways.  Yoga, Ayurveda, Natural therapy and many other practices which give inputs about a change in food pattern, physical activity and in many other ways.

We will discuss these issues in future postings.